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The Golden Dog

Katie and Cedar's  Guide to Golden Retrievers
Cedar is my pet Golden Retriever and my first dog.  Cedar is 8 months , and this is my first web page.


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The History of Golden Retrievers
    Starting in the early 1800ís golden Retrievers were used for hunting.  Golden Retrievers became popular at the end of the 19th century in England.  The first Golden Retriever won a field game in 1904.  A Field Game  is an obstacle course or game that challenges a dog in many ways.
    Golden Retrievers were first shown in the Crystal Palace in England  Some travelers took Goldens over to America.  The Golden Retrievers were first seen in America in the 1890ís.  Today, Golden Retrievers are successful in field trials, hunting, obedience, companions for the blind, and they serve as great pets.
Golden Retrieverís Coat
    The typical coat of a Golden Retriever is  a rich golden color.  This rich golden color can vary from a light yellow to a burnt sienna red witch is a rusty-red  color. The golden color comes in many shades, and every shade is beautiful.  Golden Retrievers are good for hunting because the fur is water repellent and is neither dense nor silky, they are  good dogs for rough conditions.
    Golden Retrievers are friendly, reliable and trustworthy.  They aren't usually shy or nervous.  One of the greatest things about owning a Golden Retriever is having it be nice with kids.  A mature Golden knows not to play too hard with kids.  As a child and its Golden grow up, they create a special bond.  This is very beneficial for the child.  Even though Golden Retrievers love children, kids need to know that if they scare any dog it might snap at them.
Itís Your Responsibility
    Each Year millions of dogs are committed to shelters because there are few good homes.  As a dog owner you are responsible for all aspects of youíre dogs life.  Getting a dog is a big commitment, especially  Golden Retrievers.They always need lots of exercise because they love to be active.  Since their origin came from hunting, they need at least 1 hour of exercise a day.
Vetranary Clinics
24-hour clinic 255-8139
 What you will need
one 6 ft. long /1 in. width  leash
1 choke collar ( suitable for you're dog)
time every day to train
     Dogs learn things you want them to by repetition. If you make training fun with treats and rewards, the dog will know that if he/she does good things, it will be praised or rewarded. Training can be very fun for the dog and after a while youíre dog will automatically do good things without reminder or praise.
     Unless you have had previous experience, training should be done in a good class.  Asking your vet for a good recommendation is a good way to find one.
How to put on the Choke collar
    Kneel along the dogís right side facing the same direction as the dog.  Hold the ring on one end in your right hand.  Then hold the middle of the chain with your left hand so that a loop hangs down and forms a sideways ďPĒ.  Pull the the Loop over the dogs head and connect the leash o the ring that was in your right hand.


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